Free Technics & FT NavVision are brand names of RH Marine.
Technology is usually a concern for owners and shipyards of luxury yachts. Exactly this is why they need a partner whose core-business is this very same technology. RH Marine is that company, with insight and technological knowledge thanks to many years in the field. RH Marine develops high-tech systems which can be integrated with the other equipment, as well as perform maintenance. It is an organization that knows her responsibility and does not avoid it, a company that can take responsibility for the technology on board during the entire life-span. Her employees fully understand the advanced technological systems, and know how to integrate them in a vessel.
RH Marine worked globally in more than 20 countries with partners such as importers and dealers: trained companies that can provide service to passenger- and commercial vessels, as well as luxury yachts. Also dredgers, tugboats and offshore production- and oil-rigs belong to the many fields in which our software is used.

RH Marine specializes in tailormade, innovative solutions (systems and services) in the field of electrical installations, energy systems, platform automation, integrated bridge systems, Nav/Com and HVAC (heating, ventilation & air-conditioning) systems. RH Marine employs more than 1000 people.
They are active in various end-customer markets: from navy vessels to luxury yachts, defence, safety & security, offshore platforms and special vessels. Being a total system integrator, RH is able to take complete technical responsibility for the electrical and automation systems on board vessels. We take care of project management, engineering, installation, site management, commissioning and also provide maintenance services, both for new builds and retrofits.